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KineBody Pro Operating Instructions

Saving Images

!!! This section applies for users of Windows, Mac, or Android devices. If you're using an iphone or ipad (iOS), please see Instructions for Saving Files using iOS.

You can capture and save the KineBody viewing area to an image file, a couple of ways:

a) KineBody Pro method: At the top of the Save & Restore panel is a [Save Image] button, along with a text box containing a filename. By clicking the button, the viewing area will be automatically saved as a png file, using the name shown. You can edit the name if you wish. (If so, you must press the [Return] key to finalize the changes; after that you can press the [Save Image] button to actually perform the image capture).

The Save Image button creates an image with the same shape and content as the current KineBody viewing area. As a result, you can adjust the image size by adjusting the viewing area dimensions. Tools for doing so are described on our Adjusting Layout page.

This method works well to save a series of images: the same filename is used, but a numeric suffix will be automatically appended (e.g., ‘KineBody image (22).png, KineBody image (23).png, etc) to prevent overwriting previous images.

One disadvantage of this method is that you can't select the folder where the images are saved – they are automatically sent to the ‘Downloads’ folder defined in your browser settings. Also, you don’t get to choose the file type: png is the only option.

b) Third-party utility: If you want to save the image in some format besides png, and/or you want to avoid an extra conversion step, some third party tools may help. Your operating system may include a snipping tool, which allows you to grab a region of the screen, and save it to many popular image formats. Alternatively, you can find tools on the web (I've had good luck with Greenshot ( )).