Movable 3D Human Model

KineBody Tutorials

Learn how to make the most of KineBody features via our video tutorials:

Basic Operation

Title Description
Basic Operation (Part 1)
How to do fundamental operations in KineBody Movable 3D Skeleton Model, including: identify bones, move the entire body, select joints, and move joints.


Visit our Downloads page to get demo data files for the Animation tutorials.

Title Description
101: Playback an Animation
How to playback and manipulate a KineBody animation, including required tools & data, loading the data, basic playback operation, changing the view, and modifying playback parameters.
201: Create an Animation I
How to create an animation from poses in the viewing area, using the [Append] tool. Background about KineBody animation structure & timing parameters, plus saving animation poses and sets.
202: Create an Animation II
More ways to create animation content, using poses saved individually or within animation sets. Plus, using Undo/Redo for animation edits.
301: Edit an Animation: Timing
How to modify pose timing & duration parameters, and reorder poses within an animation, using the Animation Editor table.
302: Edit an Animation: Deletions
How to select & remove poses from an animation set, using the Remove & Squeeze and Remove & Fill methods.
303: Edit an Animation: Modify Poses
How to modify keyframe poses using the [Replace] button, with particular emphasis on keyframe navigation.

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