Movable 3D Human Model

KineBody Pro Operating Instructions

Pose Editing (Copy/Paste)

With the Advanced Option, you can replicate 'portions’ of poses, or body position parameters, with ease. The Copy & Paste tools (in the Edit panel) allow you to select various joints, and/or body degrees of freedom, and then copy their rotation angles &/or displacements into a buffer. From there, you can paste those pose parameters into any other pose(s). This capability is best used for copying parts of a pose; if instead you want to copy full poses (i.e., all joint angles and all body DOFs), it’s easier to use the 'Save Pose’ and 'View a stored pose’ tools (in the Save & Restore panel).

You can select the joints to copy using either or both of two menus (in the blue section of the Edit panel):

  • The 'Select joints’ menu allows you to pick individual joints.
  • The 'Select groups’ menu allows you to pick from a list of convenient groups of joints, such as 'Arm (L)’.
Note that as you hover any item in these menus, the bones associated with that joint or group will be highlighted in orange. Also, a description of the joint or group is revealed in the tooltip for each menu item (e.g., Arm (L) group contains '3 KineBody joints: gleno-humeral to radio-ulnar’).

In each of these menus, you can select one or more items, using conventional selection logic:

  • Hold the [ Shift ] key to select contiguous items.
  • Hold the [ Ctrl ] key to select multiple distinct items.
  • Likewise, use these keys to extend a current selected group.
  • When you click any new item without using the [Shift] or [Ctrl] keys, it assumes you’re starting a new selection: i.e., the all existing selections are deselected, before new ones are added.
  • You can also easily deselect individual selected items: click again on any selected menu item to deselect it.
  • To select all items in the menu, select any one & then press [Ctrl][A].
There’s also a “None” item at the top of the 'Select joints’ menu, to remove all selections at once. (This option is ignored, if you Select All via Ctrl-A).

Note that when you select joints or groups, the distal bones for those joints are highlighted in deep blue – but this only works while you’re hovering in the Copy & Paste tools (i.e. the blue section). Caution: it's easy to confuse the two blue tones for bone highlighting: deep blue means selected for Copy, light blue means selected to move. To help clarify the difference, slide your cursor away from the Copy & Paste area.

For extra versatility, you can select joints from both menus at the same time. If you do, it's useful to understand the combination logic for how the 'copy set’ is built:

  • If a joint is selected using either menu, it will be added to the copy set.
  • A joint must be deselected from both menus, to be removed from the copy set.
(For example, if you select the individual joint 'humero-ulnar (L)’, and the group 'Arm (L)’, the copy set is basically the same as Arm (L), because the Arm group includes the gleno-humeral joint. However, if you deselect 'Arm (L)’, the humero-ulnar (L) joint will remain in the copy set – to remove it entirely, you have to deselect it from the individual joint menu as well).

Once you’ve selected a set of joints to copy, it's a simple matter to copy & paste the joint angles, using a conventional approach:
Select a source pose > Press [Copy] > Change to a destination pose > Press [Paste].
Note that [Paste] is disabled, when there is nothing to copy, or after any changes to the copy set, until you [Copy] a new pose.

Also note that the menu & buttons for copying & pasting the body position (in the lightbrown section) are independent of those for joints and groups (in the blue section). Be careful to use the correct Copy & Paste buttons, for the parameters you want to copy.

You can copy and paste body rotation angles & displacements (or equivalently, 'view’ parameters) using the 'Copy & Paste body position’ menu & associated buttons (in the light brown section of the Edit panel). You can select one or more body degrees of freedom from the menu, using conventional selection logic (as described above for the joint & group menus). Unlike the joint & group menus, there is no highlighting (orange or blue) available when using this menu.

Once you’ve selected a set of body degrees of freedom to copy, it's a simple matter to apply the values to a new pose, using a conventional approach:
Select a source pose > Press [Copy] > Change to a destination pose > Press [Paste].
Note again that [Paste] is disabled, when there is nothing to copy, or after any changes to the copy set, until you [Copy] a new pose.